In the mountainous regions of Peru, adjoining the high elevation rain forests, the descendants of the golden Inca Empire warmly greet friends with the gentle, affectionate Quechua language expression "Papachay!", which translates as "Greetings, friend!" It means you are among people who hold you in fond regard.

Our coffee is shade grown on our plantation at high elevations where the clouds, seemingly thick enough to touch, brush against our coffee trees nurturing some of the best coffee beans anywhere on earth. The beans are lovingly hand-picked and sun dried. Our own wet mill is located right on the plantation, as is our dehusker. We import our raw beans from Peru to our roastery located in San Carlos, California. We pay close attention to every aspect of the process, from utilizing earth friendly cultivation techniques which are clean, green and sustainable, to hand sorting, grading and roasting the raw coffee beans. The result is our bold, organic, exquisitely silky Arabica. A warm glow will wash over you at the first sip. It's our way of saying "Papachay!"