About Us

A Little History

Maximiliano Gambirazio (Max to his friends), is native to Peru. He is the founder and owner of Papachay Coffee. As fortune would have it, he was educated in California and attained three certificates in horticulture. While still a student, he visited the coffee fields of Peru. His passion was ignited with the realization of the potential for creating a truly great coffee was within his grasp. His vision was to seek out the ideal location to plant the first seed. The climate and the soil needed to be optimal. From there, he would build his farm, careful to give back to the environment more than he had taken.

Upon returning to Peru from his academic pursuits, Max chose to establish a nursery in the environs of Villa Rica. He planted Arabica coffee seedlings. Over time, the farm became populated with plants from the nursery, and the rest of his enterprise took shape as his dream was realized.


Today, Papachay Coffee in Peru at Hacienda Finca, Max's original farm, operates on the immutable principles which guide us today. Coffee beans are nurtured, respectful of the diverse rain forest environs. Beans are hand picked, depulped and fermented before being sun dried right on the farm. The beans and our Cascara, or Coffee Cherry Tea, are sent on their journey to our roastery in San Carlos. There, beans are sorted, graded and roasted to perfection.

Our Shop

Our Shop Our Shop Sign

Located in San Carlos, California, our retail shop is a modest store front to our roastery. Although we provide our coffee beans to large corporate enterprises, we make the same beans available at our retail store for you to enjoy on your journey to enlightenment. We also offer brewed Peruvian French Roast and our renowned Cold Brew Peru, sure to soothe the beast when you feel the heat or thrill you when you're feeling chill. Above all, feel welcome when you visit. "Papachay!"