Our Coffee

Peruvian French Roast

Our Peruvian French Roast is our signature coffee. It's origin is single sourced from our plantation at Hacienda Finca. It is bold yet mellow, with a clean, well defined punch to the taste without any bitterness. This is a delightful way to start the day.

Full City Roast

Our Full City Roast uses the same beans as our Peruvian French Roast, with a slightly lighter roast. The result is full bodied with more subtle finish.

Peruvian Peaberry

Our Peruvian Peaberry conjures images of a child choosing the most delicate and succulent of treats. And, indeed, tiny, dexterous fingers and sharp eyes are helpful when sifting through larger beans to retrieve these treasures. And to many who savor this coffee, the chore is well worth it. The whimsical flavor doesn't overpower, but it lingers to be enjoyed by all who partake.

Coffee Cherry Tea (Cascara)

Cascara is a tea made from the fruit of our organic coffee bean. The seed at the heart of the fruit becomes the coffee bean. The fruit, or cherry, was traditionally discarded. Over time, it became fashionable to reserve the cherry by separating it from the bean. The resulting fruit is washed and sun dried, and is ultimately brewed into a wonderfully smooth tea known as Cascara. The cherry contains twenty percent of the caffeine of the seed itself, but the tea is surprisingly soothing. Cold brewed Cascara is a favorite refresher in summer, leaving no bite or lingering after taste. Ahhh! Perfect!

Coffee Partners

We partner with other growers to acquire other fine beans aiming to achieve the same exacting standards that propel our coffee beans. Papachay roasts these quality, environmentally friendly, organic beans at our roastery in the San Francisco bay area.