Our Plantation

Our plantation, established as a nursery in the area of Villa Rica, Peru, is perched high in the equatorial rain forest at an elevation of 1500 - 1700 meters (4900 - 5500 feet). Here, the ideal climate is suited to nurture the coffee beans producing a bold, well balanced bean. We strongly embrace the need for sustainable practices in coffee cultivation, and we are committed to enhancing bio-diversity. Through our meticulous, environmentally sensitive process, we gently transform the beans into the velvety smooth coffee that delights the palate and renews the spirit.

A lush nursery graces the plantation. Here, Arabica coffee seedlings of the Typica variety grow into plants. While the plants produce lower crop yields, each bean exudes a superior, concentrated flavor. The beans are hand picked at the peak of their flavor. The beans are sun dried, and then dehusked, separating the dried, fleshy fruit from the bean. While the fruity part is used to make our Cascara, or Coffee Cherry Tea, the beans are taken to our wet mill.

Our wet mill is located right on the plantation. The wet mill provides an environmentally sound wet process for the final depulping and fermentation of the coffee beans under one roof. A constant supply of fresh, clean water is used in this process with no added chemicals. When the bean pressing process is complete, the water from the fermentation is run through oxidation tanks enabling anaerobic digestion of the remnants, purifying the water before it is released back into the environment.

Because our plantation is adjacent to the high elevation rain forests, we want to enhance and protect the native species that share our land. The natural climate, with cold mountain nights, keeps pests under control. We use no pesticides or chemicals whatsoever, and we supplement our plants with organic fertilizers. This enhances the richness of flavor residing in the coffee beans with no artificial after taste. Our beans are shade grown, seamlessly blending with the adjacent rain forest. This protective canopy benefits the rain forest species who regularly visit our plantation. "Papachay!" to our forest friends.

Finally, our beans are sun dried. This gradual process at high elevation maintains the integrity and consistency of flavor that is our essence. The result is Papachay Coffee, from a fantastical land blessed by rain, sun and a mysterious cloud cover, each imparting a unique character to our superb elixir.